J i m  J  R i v e r 

Back to Life

In the year of 2001, Jim J River managed to survive a serious car accident where he nearly lost his right arm, his guitar arm. Thanks to his mother the doctors decided not to amputate but to put it back in place. It´s a miracle that he can play with it today. Years of training, never give up spirit and courage are the keys to his personal and musical success.

Jim is a magical singer/ songwriter with so much energy to offer. His songs go straight to the heart and the quality of his music goes beyond time and space.

In 2016 his 1: st single "Open your Heart" was produced and released by Mounkassa Records, followed by the Ep release "In Dreams"  2017. In May 2018 the 2: nd single"Keep the fire burning" was released followed by his 3: single  "Hand in Hand", 3/6-18. We are proud to announce the release of his first full album "Keep the Fire Burning" today, Saturday 9/6 2018! 






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